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This is a blog run by Dominique: (girl between Nathan & Jay in the picture.) Imagines signed with an "I" are by my friend Itzel: (girl between Jay & Max.) This blog's completely dedicated to The Wanted! It has our covers, monthly videos (atm), TW fanfics, and other cool things about the wanted! We're all a part of the TWFanmily & as a fanmily, we help each other. We're also an advice blog or just a blog that listens. If you need someone, we'll ALWAYS be here to help. Follow us on twitter: Dominique: @xoaprilsveryown Itzel: @sykes_francesca or by submitting ideas and feedback! Sun(s) ♥ avatar. tents. Neytiri. Glad You Came. dad jokes. converse. acoustic covers. Iris. Kickstarts. Afternoon Delight. inspiration. awkward. lemons. "Live, Dream, Don't Just Exist." chew-back-a. mermaid. Where I Belong. infallible. our personal soldiers. Sid the Sloth. Hi and Low. Behind Bars. Turn it Off. dogs. cats. Gold Forever. perfect harmonies. Made. Lie to Me. combat boots. dancing. Where I Belong. fangirls. dedicated. Say it on the Radioooo. Warzone. Lightning. little kids at heart. perfection at its greatest. Heart Vacancy. Lets Get Ugly. in deTENTion getting physical. hair extensions. Rocket. Replace Your Heart. Dagger. Siva pout. Lose My Mind. Jonathan. my weakness. my strength. support Jiva & Jaythan at an all time high. Tomax. ♥ Rock Your Body. All Time Low. A Good Day For Love to Die. leprechauns. Golden. passion. one love. Jay McGuiness. Siva Kaneswaran. Nathan Sykes. Max George. Tom Parker. The Wanted. ♥♥♥♥♥
My mom took a picture of Jay while he was walking by. ASDFGHJKL. This is perfection. He is perfection.
**This is a personal picture. Out of respect of a fellow #TWFanmily member & tumblr user, please don’t take off or change any of the links.

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Which member of The Wanted do you like most?
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Max George
Tom Parker
Siva Kaneswaran
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